Milica Mila Ristić
Books of Textures, solo exhibition
3 – 16 December 2018

Cultural Centre Grad’s Annual exhibition programme continues after a short break, on Monday 3 December, with an exhibition titled Books of Textures. It will be a first solo show of Milica Mila Ristić in the gallery. She has graduated painting, from the Academy of Fine Art, but mainly creates in the fields of drawing, objects and installation. The upcoming exhibition is leaning towards an unitary installation, composed of graphic prints organized into hand made books.

Graphic prints in all the books were created using the same technique – embossing, while all the motifs were chosen from everyday life surroundings. Objects such as pearls, beads and tooth picks were embossed and amalgamated into harmonious compositions. In this way of interaction the object textures are rediscovered, with their form being particularly emphasized, as the objects themselves are absent. The effect is a new tactile experience aimed at reinterpreting the very essence of an everyday object taken for granted.

Created in a specific way, this exhibition is aimed at a multi sensory experience. The audience has to not only see the texture, but also feel it, even smell it, in oder to experience it fully. That is the only way to read Ristić’s books, and create your new perceptions of miscellaneous objects surrounding you in everyday life.

Books of Textures will be first show of Milica Mila Ristić in Cultural Centre Grad. This exhibition was partly developed during a semester spent in Munich, Germany, where Ristić attended Academy of Fine Art in the class of professor Florian Pumhösl.

Exhibition will be opened until 16 December. Opening hours 2 – 8PM.