4.2.2019. at 20h


“Light art as a cybernetic mannerism can serve the need of the modern Homo Ludens to be entertained, as it can, by employing orchestrated effects achieved with fascinating devices, reveal the monumental scene of mechanical folklore, the mystery of the twentieth century. But this art can also – so it seems to us – reflect the cosmic substance through rhythms of light and sound, through harmonies of shapes and proportion.” Oto Bihali Merin, 1972

Visionary – one might describe these thoughts of Oto Bihali Merin, the Serbian and Yugoslavian writer, art critic and artist.

From the clavecin oculaire and magic lantern, the color music and rhythmic light, lumino kinetic sculptures, mobiles and ambiances which introduced space, motion, interaction, time, to the concept of artwork;

To programmed, immersive light-sound installations, spatial interventions, light projections, and spectacles which follow the world from the analogue into the digital;

Have these artistic feats became the lighting sensations incorporated in the entertainment industry, ephemeral events and tourist attractions, or do they still aspire to experimentation and synesthesia, the activation and transformation of perception and experience?


To escape the ordinary thematic framework, the Belgrade of Light’s programme, this year from 4th to 9th February, will be dealing purely with imagination, comprehension and rethinking.

Five artists, art groups and collectives will transform the Grad gallery (Kulturni Centar Grad) by using dynamic and performative gestures, spatial experiments, motion, light and sound. Every night over the course of the six-day event, a new vision and completely different experience will be generated.

installation // performance // interaction
Radio.Nica art group

light installation
Incredible Bob

interaction // lecture
WAVES – synergetic light & sound performance
Aleksandra Stratimirovic & Leonel Kaplan
Nataša Todorović

light installation // performance
Isidora Pejović and Lansiranje collective

Mark Brogan

How do we imagine the light interventions and illumination in our city, what we can do differently and on what this depends? These questions we will consider with students, artists, engineers, architects, and all interested citizens together on Light walk + discussion led by the Belgrade Lighting Detectives.

Date of the walk: 2. 2.
Date of the discussion: 9. 2.

To convey their imaginary worlds into our reality we will ask the youngest too. Through creative working with the preschool and school children, the workshop Shimmering we will continue to expand the reality beyond the borders of the visible.

Date of the workshop: 9. 2.

Belgrade of Light is organized in cooperation with Cultural Front and with the support of the city Of Belgrade, Secretariat for Culture and Ministry of Culture and Information.