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These days, one of the common things on the “to-do” list, is certainly preparing for a new, sunny season.
Classifying clothes, footwear, even small inventory, or spring cleaning of home and wardrobe is inevitable!

Carefully pass a piece by piece – something is small, something is not in your style anymore, and for something it’s simply time to go further…
If you find yourself in one of the above “symptoms”, apply to the Grad Yard Sale where you will have the opportunity to sell / exchange / donate clothes, shoes, accessories, books, comics, vinyl, cassettes, skate, toys for children, home accessories…

We will try to provide you with a pleasant atmosphere in which you will enjoy, earn, find something for what you’ve been searching for for a long time, or just a be humane..

For more information, please contact us at Application deadline April 10th.