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Italiani veri is a documentary film on the extraordinary success of Italian popular music (musica leggera) in Russia, and in the former Soviet Union Republics, in the last 50 years. After spending some time in Russia, one quickly realizes that Italian popular music is highly and widely appreciated by older and younger generations. Italian popular music triggers strong emotions in Russian people, no matter of their social or cultural background.

The film gives an outline of the phases of this success, tries to explain the reasons behind it and goes to the roots of it: the fact that Italian culture has been highly appreciated by Russians, even before the appearance of musica leggera. As an example we could mention the important role played by Italy in the works by Russian painters and writers in the 19th century, or the popularity of Italian Neorealism in the Soviet Union.

Italiani veri is based on the series of interviews with the main actors of this success (Robertino, Al Bano, Pupo, Toto Cutugno), with the Russian singers who have performed with them (Tat’jana Bulanova, Svetlana Svetikova, Diana Gurtskaja), with representatives of the S. Petersburg’s underground scene (Oleg Garkusha, Viktor Sologub), music critics journalists, University professors and simple Italian music fans.

The screening of the movie will be followed by the talk with the director Marco Raffaini and Francesca Rolandi.

The screening is supported by the Italian Culture Institute in Belgrade as the part of Italian Culture Days.