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Valentina Savić is a visual artist based in Belgrade, working in the field of ceramics for over a decade. She has shown her ceramic design on a group exhibition ContemPottery in the Big Gallery of KC Grad in December last year, along with other ceramic designers.

Besides pottery Savić is creating installations which often combine ceramic with other materials such as metal and rubber. She has been actively showing her work since 1996 in numerous group and solo exhibitions in Serbia as well as Slovenia, Germany, Spain, Belgium, where she had a solo show, Argentina and New Zealand. Savić has subsequently won many awards in Serbia and abroad for her installation work as well as
pottery design.

Installations often explore connection between the body, space and consumption. In the recent years her main themes have shifted towards consumption and challenges of rationalism. Her upcoming solo show titled Finding Doors in the Wall That Have None consists of two independent installations that are juxtaposed as two worlds: the Rosarium and the Wings.

The Rosarium represents a sensuous world – world of genesis and decay, of constant change. It consists of numerous porcelain cast objects done in the classical slip casting technique. They represent decay as they are, according to the Platonic system, casts of images of ideas. Some of the objects are recognizable, but have lost their utilitarian function due to slip porcelain casting. The Wings on the other hand represent the ideal world, with no change. Borrowed from heraldic iconography, the Wings stand for a feather of our ideal reality, as they are shaped like an enlarged feather.

Juxtaposing these two worlds, Savić is proposing a question: Should these two worlds coexist together, or independently? Are they even connected at all? She does not answer those questions, rather invites the audience to find out, or propose different questions at the Grand opening of the show on Monday 7 May at 8 pm.

The exhibition will be opened until 20 May every day 2pm till 8 pm.