Gayten-LGBT trans (self) support group is inviting you to an evening of delicious food and fun on March 25th in KC Grad starting from 7 pm. Come by and see what‘s cooking! We‘ll be preparing lasagnas, pastas and risotto.

Sonja Sajzor will be in charge of music for the evening.

You can buy food with coupons (200 RSD) which you can get at the venue‘s bar.

In 2006 Gayten-LGBT established the first trans (self) support group. Trans people (transgender, transexual, cross-dressers, gender non-conforming people and others) can join the group and be a part of its activities and work in a safe and protected environment.

Counselling and psycho therapeutic support are free of charge, anonymous and confidential, and based on respect of autonomy of a person who turns to us for assistance. This is why it is essential to have a place which is peaceful and respectful where our members can freely talk about their experience and problems, as well as share their stories and success.

The meetings of the group are also attended by our former members who share with us their experience with the gender reassignment procedures and encourage members to go through transition if it is something they want and when they are ready. The group has been operating for 13 years and we have had 120 members overall so far since the group‘s inception. The group‘s work is facilitated by a trans and intersex activist, Kristian Ranđelović.

If you are a trans or gender non-conforming person and would like to join Gayten trans self (support) group, come by and let’s meet at the Delicatessen Monday. If you don’t live in Belgrade or cannot attend this event, you can find our contact and other information about us here