6.4.2019. at 18h
The story about Nazi Forced Labor in Northern Norway

A Norwegian-Russian-Serbian-Swedish-German research theater project by Vajswerk, the German-Russian Museum in Berlin and the Narviksenteret Norway.

Anyone who passes the Arctic Circle in Norway will take photographs or just look at the magnificent landscape of the Saltfjell. However few are aware of that Nazi forced laborers laid the ground: around 130.000 Yugoslavian and Soviet forced laborers built the roads and the railways. They were the main victims of this gigantic and inhumane infrastructure program of the German occupiers. Of the 4,000 Yugoslav forced laborers, only 40% survived.

The Yugoslav and Soviet forced laborers are subject to our biographical research theater project.

In Belgrade project will be presented by:

Dr. Milan Koljanin, historian, expert on Yugoslavian history, holocaust and genocide

Beate Neimann, author of the book “My father was a evil nazzi killer” and the daughter of Bruno Sattler, head of Gestapo in Belgrade in the period 1942 – 1944

Jovan Arsenic, film director and participants in the project.