If booking a ticket for a visit to the Santa Maria delle Grazie church in Milan one month in advance with Da Vinci’s experimental image of the Last Supper is too complicated for you, come to the ninth public drawing class within the Art to All programme of Cultural Center Grad.

This time, on Saturday, 20 April, inspiration is in just one painting, Last Supper, but with many models posing in a study type of class. Besides Mona Lisa, The Last Supper is the most famous work of the Italian Renaissance genius Leonard Da Vinci, and after Bernini inspired class, the ninth edition is sponsored by the Italian Institute of Culture as well.

The late XV century wall painting intended for a dining room, was experimental and atypical at the time of its creation, both in formal, compositional and symbolic aspects. Done in unstable egg based tempera colors, it caused great problems to the restaurateurs in conservation efforts, while in the compositional sense it was unusual for its presentation of Judas on the same side of the table with the other apostles. Cultural Center Grad, as a place of LGBTQI community, has included drag performances from the beginnings, in the experimental phase, but these events are today part of the regular monthly music program.

In order to remain in an experimental spirit of the Renaissance masters – innovators, the apostles at the drawing class will be members of the Drag Collective, an informal group that organizes drag, music and theater performances, and drag DJ parties. By promoting the art of drag, it moves from experimental to a part of an alternative culture, as a part of the regular cultural programme in Grad. The apostles, together at the table with the Jewish traitor, presented in poses that Da Vinci studiously adapted to their characters, represent the ideal basis for a drag apostolic supper, showing the queens who started the battle for their place on the cultural scene in Belgrade.

Posing for you on 20 April:

The drag Star Sonja Sajzor

The cabaret diva, Dekadenca

The queen of causes and consequences, Karma Geddonia

The queen of Spiders, Golden Orb

The problematic queen, Dita von Bill

The grandiose queen of strong bitter coffee, Mrs. Lily Cafe

The queen of night clubs, Alex Elektra

The queen of tropical fruit, Asia Gemini

The Chameleon Queen, Lana Vee

A clown in a dress, Kelly with a C

The supermodel, Vlažena Marija

A very bold queen, Kvarcna Ruža

The role of Jesus and traitor Judas will not be revealed immediately. Let it remain secret because drag should remain dramatic and mysterious, as said by a famous queen “Drag represents sitting on a secret!”

It is not a secret, on the other hand, that this drawing class is one of the tenth anniversary events of Grad. It is a special edition drawing class, conceived as a study drawing, as the models will remain in The Last Supper poses for the audience to draw slowly, relax and dedicate to all the details that the art of drag is putting on the table. The drawing class will then be followed by a drag performance of one part of the Collective House of KayGie.

Tickets are available in Gallery Grad starting 3 April, at 200 dinars, and 300 dinars on the class day.