After ten annual exhibition seasons, ten open calls for artists and over a hundred realized exhibitions Gallery Grad will be marking an important jubilee, a ten year anniversary, in no other way, than by throwing a special exhibition that will once again summarize contemporary art in our country on a small sample, which has been the task of Gallery Grad in the past decade. The exhibition will feature several artists from a wide portfolio of the Gallery.

On Monday, April 22, at 8 pm, a group exhibition titled VIDentities, curated by Gallery Grad’s in house curator Aleksandar Stojanović Luci, will present work of Aleksandra Antić, Đorđe Ćorić, Kristina Oparušić, Miodrag Krkobabić, Kristina Jovanović & Sandra Stojanović (Identical), Dejan Klement and Sanja Ćopić.

The artistic identity research in contemporary society is a common denominator of a large number of artists on the local scene. This was the topic of the first curatorial project Stojanović has developed, on the occasion of the seventh anniversary of the gallery – Identity Deconstruction Methodologies. VIDentities are intended to represent a logical continuation of identity research, but this time the concept evolves around video art – hence the title is a clear symbiosis of the two basic parameters of this exhibition.

Stojanović intends to show a clear curatorial concept – by clearly amalgamating the subject – identity with the form – video into an overview of the research of the various influences of contemporary society on the collective or personal identity, in a specific social and political conditions of Serbia, a country in an eternal transition and stagnation.

Most of the selected artists have had individual exhibitions in the past decade presenting their projects, so the audience had a chance to explore their artistiv research. However, bearing in mind the role of the gallery in the promotion of young artists, VIDentities will include two young artists who will debut in front of audience in Belgrade: Kristina Oparušić will present her master artwork – an interactive video installation MUVOL, while Đordje Ćorić will surprise the audience with his piece at the very opening of the exhibition. Following Ćorić, The Identical collective will also present their complete piece just at the opening ceremony.

Following a list of specific influences such as nationalism and mythology, capitalism and quasi-freedom, media influences on personal and collective identities, as well as social, emotional and professional elements that pose an important influence on artist’s own identity, the exhibition poses a narrative of video stories, most of them set up in an ambient installations.

The exhibition will be opened until 5 May, but the above mentioned pieces will be shown at the opening ceremony only, followed by a cocktail party.