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21.6.2019 at 4pm

Art to All programme returns with the tenth edition of Public Drawing Class dedicated to the centenary of world famous Bauhaus School for Design. Founded in Germany a hundred years ago, the school has played a crucial part in modernization of utilitarian, every day and decorative objects design, by pushing the limits of material usage and combinations. Architectural department within Bauhaus has played a very special role for modernism as a movement with both its professors and students.
However we will leave aside the architects, other male professors and famous students and focus exclusively on some of the women attending the school. Bauhaus 100 jubilee has had many subject, one of them is dealing with female alumnae of the school, women who were wrongfully edited out from the official history of Bauhaus. Not making a separation between the sexes, director Gropius has actually banned women to some of the courses like architecture, stained glass and metal design. Despite that fact, institutional education in art and applied art was mostly out of reach for women prior to the opening of the school in Desau. Majority of Bauhaus female students took on tapestry and textile classes, but some of them managed to penetrate the “male” courses subsequently and design iconic objecta, some of them still manufactured to this day, although most of them could support from their creations back then.
That is one more reason to celebrate these women, and bring them back to the pages of Bauhaus history books. These women had their own contribution to the modernization process of fusing the utilitarian and artistic along with modernism principles of functionality. Look no further than Marianne Brandt’s iconic design – the Kandem lamp, still in production and among best sellers, to realize the impact of the Bauhaus ladies.
Besides Brandt the drawing class will be focusing on several other students highlighted by personal aesthetics and design achievements: Anni Albers, Benita Koche Otte, Gertrud Andt, Gunta Stotzl, whose archive portraits and photographs will serve as main inspiration for our model, Jelena Pavlović, programme director of Polet. She will be channeling the intellectual sophistication and creativity of the ladies with just a tiny dash of flapper girl glamour of the twenties. Having in mind that drawing and sketching represent the core of every successful design, whether analog or digital, this edition of Public Drawing Class aims at designers and designer students as well as photographers, who will be able to express themselves in their preferred medium. Art to All programme aims to contribute to the overall publicity of these forgotten magnificent designers.
Tickets will be sold in KC Grad, at 200 dinars presale, and 300 on the day of the class.