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21.5.2019. at 11pm

Inspired by LA backyard parties during the ‘90s residents of this party series, Luka Gaćina (aka Little Lu) and Nevena Jeremić will try to bring some fresh energy to the dancefloor. With the right space and good music they will try to make you feel like at home (or your own backyard). Summer is just around the corner and you can almost feel the waves, heat and sun. Jump into those warm, stress free summer nights filled with laughs, drinks and flirty tunes.
Beside them, every party will be welcomed by another guest who will provide even wider spectrum of music.

First friend joining the DJ booth will be Nikola Vemić who is known for his philosophy of following intution and not trends. His music selection combines raw
house & techno soaked with lots of funked up electronics and disco.