24.6.2019 at 8pm

Gallery Grad presents A Tale of Your Ancestors, a project by Zvezdana Stojmirović on Monday 24 June at 8 PM. Zvezdana Stojmirović is one of the members of Gallery Grad’s International Jury selecting exhibitions for the annual programme. She has presented her first solo project in the gallery titled Tipo/Život in 2010, and has also taken part in Cultural Front’s EU project titled New Folklore in 2012.

Stojmirović was born in Beijing, China in 1970, and has graduated in 1991 at The Cooper Union Art Faculty in New York. Additionally, she has obtained her master’s degree at MICA Faculty in Baltimore, where she currently works as a Professor of graphic design, giving her students important practical experience on applying graphic design with companies such as Etsy and Under Armor.

Simultaneously creating traditional and novel design, Stojmirović likes to work on vector images as well as traditional icon painting. In this amalgamation of traditional and modern she tries to present the Tale of Your Ancestors to the audience in Belgrade. Starting point of this project is a piece of personal history, an unpublished book by her father Milutin Rogić, written in 1996, under the same name. She has decided to illustrate it combining paper and pen sketches further scanned and transformed into vector images further enlarged and printed on silk. Besides those prints she has produced laser cut wooden printing tables inspired by one of the first printing manufacture on Serbian territory in Monastery Rujan established in 1537.

This interesting amalgam of traditional and modern unveils the Tale of Your Ancestors project as a multimedia story about personal history, heritage and memory preservation. Illustrating the tales of brigands, wars, village life and generational shifts Stojmirović aims to deepen her family roots and aims to inspire the viewer to do the same, get inspired and explore own personal history.

A Tale of Your Ancestors will be unveiled until 7 July in Gallery Grad, every day from 2 to 8 PM, except Wednesdays, when the gallery is closed.

A preview of the project is available on https://personal-history.weebly.com/