28.8.2019. at 6pm

Moderator: Martin Cuff, Creative Industries Specialist

Panelists: Igor Kovačević, Serbia Convention Bureau
Jane Cunningham, BestCities Global Alliance
Ivan Petrović, EXIT Foundation
Andrej Nosov, Hartefact
Viktor Kiš, Dev9t

How can Serbia’s events contribute to the development and marketing of Serbia as a dynamic, creative country?
What can be done to support and promote the events industry?
What policy changes can be considered to create a more conducive environment?
And how could events work together more strategically to raise the national profile and co-promote?

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From Exit to Hartefact to BEMUS to BITEF, Serbia is home to a range of awesome events that showcase the best of Serbian culture and contribute dynamically to the country’s tourism officering. Serbia Creates envisages that, through these kinds of events, Serbia can:

• Position itself as one of the world’s leading event destinations;
• Be internationally known to host events of global excellence;
• Be recognised for its diversity and quality of events, regardless of size;
• Demonstrate the economic and social impacts of events;
• Create opportunities for events and the events industry to progress from “good” to “great”; and
• To develop/create or attract new events, conferences & congresses that contribute to the national strategy.

Language: English (Serbian translation will be provided)