2.9.2019 at 7pm

The association of citizens Caritas Valjevo together with the beneficiaries of the Asylum center of Bogovadja will bring you the spirit, tastes and smells of far away countries which you probably didn’t have the chance to visit, or even less likely, try their specialities the way locals cook them.

Somalia, Syria, Kashmir and Afghanistan are some of the places where the cooks that, on Monday 2nd September, will prepare for you their traditional food: they will prepare it with lots of care and loook forward to meet you there!

On the menu:

Chicken in Korma sauce with chapati from Kashmir
Kabuli pulao: basmati rice with sheep meat from the Afghan capital
Meat with vegetables, Theresa style, an African dish from Burundi
For vegetarians, vegans and lovers of Arabic cuisine: Syrian salad, babaganoush (dip of roasted eggplants), hummus (dip of chickpeas), moutabbal (dip of yogurt and eggplant), Syrian rice with veggies.

We’ll be waiting for you from 19:00, with good mood and wish for new culinary and cultural discoveries!

The dinner is one of the activities within the project D.I.S.C.O.V.E.R. (DiverSe Communities have ValuablE Resources), and its main aim is bringing together locals with migrants, asylum-seekers and refugees.
The project is implemented by Caritas Valjevo together with Youth Communication Center from Banja Luka and supported by European Union in the frame of the project Divided Past, Joint future.