16.9.2019 at 8pm

On Monday, 16 September at 8 pm, artist Nadja Kračunovic will present her performative concept titled Kompleks na prodaju (Complex for Sale). This interactive multimedia spatial installation was started in 2018, but the nature of the project remains open and eligible for continuation in a different setting in 2019. During the exhibition, Kračunović will be interacting directly with the audience by offering her complex for sale, followed by a documentary part of the exhibition in a multimedia mix of videos and photographic recordings telling the story of the previous project stage.

Nadja Kračunovic graduated from the Higher School of Fine Arts in Belgrade. She has been actively exhibiting, taking part in several group exhibitions in Belgrade and Novi Sad. Besides visual, she has participated in several projects related to theatrical art, such as stage design for performances at NaturTheater in Germany, visual identity for a theatre festival in Hungary, and Bitef Festival in Belgrade. Finally she is involved in numerous projects such as online culture magazines and art platforms.

Through Complex for Sale, she proactively re-examines the idealization of physical appearance through a humorous and somewhat cynical approach, transforming the process from introverted thinking about one’s complexes into extroverted open presentation of defects to the audience, thus turning the deficiency to its (material) benefit. There is no need to point out the pernicious effects of beauty idealization in the age of social network, the topic itself is very potent for contemporary artists in recent years. Combining various aspects of her own identity, both physical and professional, she crosses the path from the Ibar Highway to Gallery Grad and perseveres in turning physical defects to her own advantage. Visitors could acquire artist’s complex in person until September 29 in the gallery, every day from 2 to 8 PM.