5.10.2019. u 22h

White City Soul presents Koolade Live Act

Koolade is a Croatian hip-hop/urban music producer. Born in Zagreb, Croatia in the late 1970s, he began his music career in the late 1990s. Along with other members of the Blackout family he made a strong contribution in making hip-hop an established genre in the Croatian mainstream music scene. Soon after that, he and his partner/manager Phat Phillie realized that his production would make a good export, and continued to expand his work throughout Europe and the US, where he is perhaps best known for his production work on Masta Ace’s “Beautiful” on the album A Long Hot Summer, as well as a number of other prominent American hip-hop artists such as Ghostface Killah of the Wu Tang Clan, Bow Wow, Sadat X, Styles P, Diamond D, Das EFX, Peedi Crakk etc. Koolade is locally and regionally known for his collaborations with the Croatian cult hip hop duo Tram 11, Bosnian rappers Edo Maajka and Frenkie.

On 5th of October he will also promote his new album ‘Crewzen’ released July 4, 2019. It’s a 10 track instrumental G-funk/R&B/Soul extravaganza. Filled with smooth vibes, creamy synths, thumpy basslines, talkbox that makes you call up your girl/date, and a vocal every now and then, to ensure a dazed out experience.


Tickets at the entrance 400 RSD / 3.5 e