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23.10.2019. at 8 pm

12th Kondenz: Ephemeral Confessions – Songs on Decadence, Paternity Crisis, and Alcohol

After various revelations, turmoil, and fighting over poulain, the famous Marquis De Sada, the mad Decadence, and the insane Johanna Helmut Kohl spend pleasant days of leisure on a narrow and hot island in the Mediterranean. The lavender scent of serenity suddenly becomes disturbed by Johanna’s rude questions about her father’s origins. The mystery resurfaces, the drama is at its peak again. Will Johanna find out who her father is, will the sock on Marquises leg rip or will Decadence throw everyone in the pool and run away with a perfume huslter- find out in this crazy epopee. The atmosphere will, as always, be complemented by the music slides of the crazy pianist Fritz Klein. Don’t miss the inimitable stage-vocal spectacle full of sins, intrigue and scandal!

Ephemeral Confessions is a post-cabaret music play that resists canons, categories, patterns with a series of performances focused on turbulent emotional relationships protagonists of different experiences and professions – drag queen Marquis de Sada and Decadence, drag queen Zed Zeldic Zed, Darlin Brando and Fritz Klein, as well as the false queen Johanna Helmut Kohl.

The Ephemeral Confessions collective insists on a hybrid stage-music form that not only references the full range of historical examples of performances focused on the act of disguise, integrates all forms of drag expression in one place, but also critically articulates daily political reality.

Artist talk after performance moderated by Igor Koruga.

Free entry.