2019 in Gallery Grad will end with questions, a total of 36, prepared by Stanko Gagrčin, for his eponymous solo exhibition, which opens on Monday, 16 December at 8 pm. Gagrćin resides Novi Sad, where he graduated with a degree in stage architecture, technology and design from the Faculty of Technical Sciences. However he has been creating video works and installations for the past years. Gagrčin presented his work at group exhibitions within the Bitef Festival, on Kalemegdan, as well as at the Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina in 2016. Last year, he was a guest of the Homesession Gallery in Barcelona, for a two-month art residency.
Debuting this time in Belgrade, Gagrčin presents a multimedia, interdisciplinary and interactive installation that develops exclusively in the virtual space and addresses similarities and differences between film media, video art, video games and virtual reality. Striving to create intersection of these media, and simultaneously engage audiences who are invited to immerse themselves in a virtual presentation Gagrčin creates the narrative of this installation based on a psychological research by Arthur Aaron, whose experiment consisted of 36 questions and focused on couples. This installation thus creates a certain type of layering that develops with each question to every couple, with visual, expressive, symbolic and emotional layers. Each question is assigned a monumental space, which is symmetrical, sometimes sacral in order to determine the direction f the questions in architecture. The questions become more and more intimate and thus essential for analysis and self-analysis. While architecture encourages the exploration of virtual space, the very questions lead to the exploration of emotional space, which is equally virtual but essentially very significant.
The 36 questions will be opened until 29 December, daily from 2 pm to 8 pm. However, this is not the final exhibition of the tenth annual exhibition season, Gallery Grad has a special surprise for the beginning of 2020.