Have you ever thought about writing a letter that can save somebody’s life? This week, Amnesty International, a global movement campaigning against abuses of human rights, is organising an international event called Write for Rights marathon. For the first time in its history, the event is going to be held also in our city, here, in Belgrade. Join us on the upcoming Saturday in KC Grad in order to write some letters and save the lives of people, whose rights are being violated.
Why are we doing this?

We simply believe that everyone deserves the life in which freedom and safety are ensured. We expect that in contemporary world human rights have to be respected, regardless of political circumstances, economy, geographical location. Every single day we observe that our world is far from being perfect and that there is still a lot to do. We are sure that our activism can change it!

What can you do?
• Come to KC Grad and find out about the stories of people who didn’t deserve to sit in a prison today. We will give you all the information at the place, don’t worry. In case you want to discover the cases now, you find the information here:
• Take a pen and a sheet of paper, find a comfortable place and write a letter. There are many ways of doing this, you can support the person with a nice word, you can call the authorities to respect human rights, you can be creative and draw something, you can write in any language you want.
• That’s it! You took an action! You got involved! You can write another letter now
Is it worth?
Imagine a place which one day receives hundreds of thousands of letters coming from entire world. Our pressure has sense, we are sure about it when we see the examples of successful stories with prisoners getting released.
Everyone is welcome! Supporting human rights is not hard to do!
See you in KC Grad on Saturday!