“Within the art showcase 5 Stories, I will present ideas that have changed me as an artist, me as a person, and my view of the country I grew up in. I feel obliged to tell these stories – or my truths – in hopes that they will encourage you to ask questions, think critically, and if you have a dream, but have doubts or feel unsupported by your friends & family, inspire you to follow it with all of your heart. Part of this showcase are objects made of mirrors. A story is attached to each object. Each story has a number. Each successive story is the result of the previous one. All together they form one whole. I want you to see yourself as you listen to the story. I want you to hear the story on your own, without other influences. Look yourself in the eyes. You are part of the story.”

Mili2nd was born in Smederevo, Serbia in 1998. At the age of 15, while attending the School of Design in Belgrade, his short film Don’t Be Afraid won a first place in the film category at the Belgrade Olympics of Art and was selected as the best film in the competition by Telenor and Cosmopolitan Magazine “My Creative Self”. That helped him get noticed and invited to a high school in California, USA, where he graduated. He is currenlty a student at Santa Monica College majoring in Film Production and has since created various audio-visual works. One of his biggest inspirations are Marina Abramovic, Stefani Germanotta and EDM band Daft Punk. Since August 2019, his videos have gone viral on social network TikTok (over 30 million views) and he has managed to garner more than 760,000 followers and a small fan base. Numerios outlets have written about his work, including the New York Times. The projects he’s currently focusing on are production of pop, trap and edm music.