Join us for the LANGUAGE CAFÉ in Kc Grad, a place where you can enhance your language skills in an informal environment, talking to native speakers and meeting travellers, students and professionals from all over the world.

Language Café is starting again, and it will be every week from 2020 ! So in February there will be a Language Café on the 4th, 11th, 17th and 25th

The entrance is free, but to be sure that Kc Grad will continue to host us, please have at least one drink when you’re coming.

Join a table of your choice, to either practice a new language or to help people to learn your native language.

If you have friends coming from abroad in Belgrade, invite them ! The more native speakers the better 😀

On those Language Café we will have:

Chinese – Danish – English – French – German – Greek – Interslavic – Italian – Norwegian – Portuguese – Russian – Serbian – Spanish – Swedish – Turkish (+ maybe other languages, like Romanian, Czech, Japanese, Arabic, Albanian, Farsi, …).

You may switch between tables at anytime and talk in any language you like!

This is your event, a space for intercultural dialogue, networking and socializing.

If your native language is not listed above and you want to participate on the Language Café, please contact us so we can prepare a table for you!

The event is organized by:
Babylon Вавилон – Intercultural Dialogue